TEDTalks Go Glorioski 480p

Whoa, TEDTalks have gone glorioski 480p! The latest talks showing from the TED conference showing up on the website are in deliriously rich, relatively speaking, 480p HD resolution, making them a gift to folks with Apple TV and the like.

For example, say what you will about Bill Clinton, but he gives great 480p. Also check out biologist  E.O. Wilson, and James Nachtwey in 480p. Lovely stuff.


  1. Nice to see you getting in touch with your Eastern European language heritage (Glorioski)… :)

  2. That is nice. But what kind of bandwidth does one need to make this a less than interminable wait?

  3. Works fine here on a relatively slow T-W RoadRunner connection.
    John K — Yes, back to my roots :-)