Sneak Peek at Weekend Reading

Here is a sneak peek at some links from my weekly Weekend Reading over at TheStreet/RealMoney:

  • Job losses in mortgages, real estate, and construction are up 346% year-over-year (L.A. Times)
  • Profile of Bloomberg, the company, puts its value at $20-billion (Fortune)
  • Google is getting hit with a brain drain as pre-IPO hires get IPO riches (
  • Only 12% of Windows users plan Vista upgrade (EETimes)
  • Mobile ringtone market expected to decline in 2007 (NY Times)
  • The adult entertainment adoption indicator favors HD-DVD over Blu-Ray in the DVD wars (Reuters)
  • The boomer boom is coming, with $1-7-trillion in active retirement spending (AdAge)
  • New and gossipy book about investment bank Lazard Freres is getting lots of attention (Amazon)
  • Akamai’s audacious comeback (Forbes)