Sneak Peek at Weekend Reading

Here is a sneak peek at some of the links from my weekly Weekend Reading column over at the TheStreet/RealMoney:

  • New U.S. duties on Chinese coated paper could be first salvo in a trade war (Reuters)
  • New arms race: China now sees itself as major power, and U.S military spending at highest levels since WWII (CSM)
  • China’s timber trade is corrupt and mismanaged (Washington Post)
  • Multiple late-stage cancer vaccines set to launch (GEN)
  • Thin-film solar cell market forecast to grow 40-200% compounded over next five years (EETimes)
  • Fox’s golden financial goose at American Idol may be being slayed by Howard Stern (NY Times)
  • I-bankers saw income jump as much as 20% in 2006 (IDD)
  • Trapped between inflation and subprime woes, the Fed is damned whatever it does with rates (Bloomberg/Gilbert)
  • Bill Miller’s hot streak is over, just as Legg Mason needs him — and he wonders aloud if it was all luck anyway (Boston Globe)
  • Microsoft is trying to buy its way in into search (NY Times)