Offline is the New Online, Part XXIV in a Series

Offline is the new online, as I’ve written here many times. Among the bigger and more important challenges in web development is making sure that online apps work properly when you’re disconnected. Nice to see that the Dojo toolkit is now rolling out that functionality directly. And it’s free. And open source. Important stuff.

[via StartupMeme]

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  1. Brad Neuberg says:

    What else do you think we need to do to make the Dojo Offline Toolkit successful?
    Brad Neuberg

  2. Vijay says:

    Take a look at Dekoh. Dekoh is a desktop platform for writing applications using web technologies. You can write offline applications. Dekoh calendar is an example (offline google calendar). The approaches in Dekoh and Dojo offline are different and maybe complimentary.

  3. Bilal Hameed says:

    Thanks for the link Paul, Good to know you are reading Startup Meme.
    I am oblidged.