OECD Broadband Stats: Adding a U.S. a Year

Andrew has the latest OECD broadband stats, and they’re definitely worth scanning — as, of course, is his take on the stats themselves.

My favorite factoid: 40m broadband connections were added in OECD countries last year. That is roughly the total number of broadbands subs in the U.S. two years ago.


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  2. I always wonder what the point of these stats is.
    Adding together growth numbers from a whole bunch of low-population countries and comparing it to the installed base in the US two years ago.. What does that tell us?
    The US still have the largest installed base (absolute numbers), which may explain why the growth cannot possibly be a high % number.
    These bits of OECD research nicely fall in the nice-to-know (not need-to-know) category for me.