Hacking the Venture Business

My friends Nivi and Naval have a great new site for entrepreneurs with tips for “hacking” venture capital. While the business is already in enough trouble on its own, I’m always fond of kicking irritating people when they’re down — so go get ’em Nivi and Naval.

Somewhat more seriously, their insouciant comments on deconstructing term sheets are worth it alone, especially their mention of the importance of having leverage. Because face it, no hacking is gonna happen unless you have some leverage against the VCs, no matter how much you know about the business.

[See Venture Hacks]


  1. Jassmaree Franchezka says:

    hey there! im kinda new on this venture capital thinggy but i really wanna learn about it. i found one venture capital company on wikipedia named ITU VENTURES. Have you heard of this? Anyone have a take? I learned that Chad Browstein is the founder.