GooTube, Dreamworks, and the Death of Hollywood

Nicely juxtaposed factoids about GooTube and Dreamworks in an FT debate about the death of Hollywood:

“The enduring success of the leading entertainment companies has
been largely due to their stranglehold on distribution”, [an entertainment i-banker] writes. “Video readily downloaded over the internet has cracked the cartel.”

[He] argues that the “death of the Hollywood distribution model
could be vividly seen when, a year ago, DreamWorks, once the most
talked-about Hollywood studio, was quietly sold for $1.6bn. Within a
few months, that same $1.6bn is what it cost Google to buy YouTube.”


  1. McCourt is right on. Cartel-dominated entertainment will be massively disrupted by the onslaught of indie content, user-interactivity, and open distribution platforms. Infrasture plays that solve the last mile problem for high resolution content will be huge. And, as Lonelygirl15 showed, there is a wealth of talent on the outside looking in, ready for their 15 minutes.
    The question is, where’s the search technology that will sort it all out for us. After all, we’re still only going to have that same 1 hour slot in our schedules!