Google vs Microsoft in Doubleclick Bidding War

The WSJ is reporting tonight that Google has joined Microsoft in the bidding war for online ad service Doubleclick. This should come as no surprise, but if, as the WSJ suggests, Microsoft allows Google to outbid it again, the result will speak volumes about how difficult it remains for Microsoft to get over itself in making any material advances in its struggling ad business.


  1. Shouldn’t this be an anti-trust issue?

  2. Bob, I was thinking the same thing. What percent of the online ad market share does Adsense have?

  3. Anti-trust isn’t solely about market share; a key component is whether or not there are able (on a variety of levels) competitors in the market (what’s why Oracle can continue and will continue to gobble up the business software universe as long as there’s an SAP in the world). I don’t think that anyone could argue the position that Microsoft is unable to effectively compete against anyone in this space, even if it is the likes of Google+Doubleclick. Remove MSFT and YHOO from the competitive landscape and you might have something – but that ain’t happening, is it?

  4. I don’t buy the logic here in Paul’s post. You can’t just pay anything for an asset simply because its strategic. It has to make economic sense. By this logic Buffett would already own one of his favorite companies, Wrigley, but he hasn’t ever bought a share. The simple reason is price. It never made economic sense for him. If google wants to pay google cash for this asset so be it. I will continue to favor the company that uses Excel rationally.