Google Rivals Call for Mommy

Maybe it’s just me, but news that Microsoft is looking for antitrust scrutiny of Google’s proposed DoubleClick acquisition strikes me as a little plaintive and screechy. This sort of deal was always going to be scrutinized for antitrust implications, so having Microsoft doing an apparent media press over the weekend talking up the subject only reinforces how uncertain the company’s footing has become in ad markets.

Or to put in the vernacular, it sounds a little like Moooo-oooommmy!


  1. Gotta love the irony here – remember Microsoft’s anger at Sun / Kleiner for the same thing…

  2. My theory. Combine:
    1) Paranoid executives
    2) Getting back at Google for whining about IE7 and search
    3) Bidding up DoubleClick, forcing Google to overpay for it
    4) Pissing off Google just because you can
    (Microsoft made a play for the internet search market and bombed. Their portal business is blah. BUT, as long as they’re in the space, Google remains excessively paranoid. They saw what happened to Netscape, WordPerfect and Novell when these companies tried to coast on past success. Any company who underestimates Microsoft does so at their own peril [Microsoft isn’t alone; SONY, GE, IBM, Intel and many others are all companies that will crush you like a bug if you don’t watch your ass.)

  3. C’mon, let’s be objective here – Microsoft is doing exactly what each one of its rivals would do if the shoe was on the other foot. If it was Google making a complaint about Microsoft, you would be writing about Microsoft’s dark plans to choke off Google’s access to the ad market.
    In reality Google is no less evil than Microsoft – they are making boatloads of money, looking to choke off access to their core market, and cooperating with foreign governments in their effort to suppress democracy for the sake of cementing access to their core competencies in a vast market. Compare the dominance of Google today in their market to that of Microsoft when they were a 10-year old company. I think you will find many more monopolistic tendencies in Google than in Microsoft at a comparable age.
    “Don’t be evil” my a*s :-)

  4. My pet conspiracy theory of the moment…
    I have a hard time with the concept of Microsoft not playing hardball — they used to be so good at it. I wonder if they deliberately baited Google with Doubleclick so they could start to fan the flames of anti-trust. The sole purpose of doing so would be to make it harder for Google to beat MS on a Yahoo purchase down the road…
    Just a thought.

  5. This just stinks of desperation to me. Microsoft misplayed their internet strategy and they’re paying for it now. Google has all the momentum and they just keep putting out subpar products. Heck, it seems that Microsofts strategy at this point is to just keep putting out re-packaged, fluffed up version of their old products and hope the consumers don’t realize – renaming Windows XP to Windows Vista or renaming the original MSN network to Windows Live. It’s really kind of sad. Now, they realize they have to go out and make acquisitions in the market to stay afloat and they can’t even do that because Google has all the momentum at this point.

  6. IMHO, Microsoft fingerpointing monopolistic positions is like Ozzy Osbourne calling pot-smoking kids drug addicts.