Friday Motivation for Weekend Warriors

As a typical weekend warrior — too many meetings during the week, and then flying off rocks on my weekend mtb-ing — I love the Friday motivation of this video of Dean Potter doing a free, solo climb of The Nose at El Capitan.


  1. Hey, Paul, I respect you more now that I know you climb rocks, and Dean Potter is incredible, but I just have to mention that most of what he’s doing is trad – a free solo is one person, no pro. I see a little free solo action right at the beginning, but I don’t think anybody has ever free-soloed the Nose, not even Potter.

  2. Ah, good point. The “free” part of the solo climb was really only the bit at the beginning, and the bizarro chunk in the middle where the crazy bastard ran by someone else on a ledge.

  3. Very cool, but very crazy. I’ve heard it said that all the best rock climbers are dead. No, not from old age.

  4. Will Johnston says:

    Lynn Hill has done a free-climb of the nose, but not solo.