Economics of Male/Female Work

John K. has a nice catch of a paper looking at gender differences in work. The gist, men work the same amount as women, as long as you adjust for TV watching. Who woulda thought?


  1. I think you misread the article; in wealthy countries, men and women work the same amount. IN ADDITION to that, men watch more television.

  2. Based on my own experience, I work more than my wife (about 10 hours a day on weekdays.) However, she invents a shit load of busy work for herself. The difference is, I hate my job and she largely gets to pick what she wants to do.

  3. Brent Buckner says:

    I think Joe is correct in his first comment, per the quote in the big box in the post to which you linked: “Although men in many rich countries do not work less than women, they do enjoy about 20 to 30 minutes more leisure per day (over an hour more in Italy) because they spend less time on sleep and other biological necessities. Men spend almost all of this additional leisure time watching television.”