Dapper Troubles

Anyone out there actually had any success getting Dapper to work properly on creating working data feeds from real & useful sites? If so, ping me. I’m 0-for-5 or so.


  1. Alexander says:

    I haven’t but I heard about this guy, Jeff, who did… heh, no wait, I’ve got an URL to back the story up.
    Now, if it’ll work for you, I have no idea. It’s possible that Dapper’s parser is especially fragile and can’t deal with poorly formed XML in a useful fashion.

  2. I’ve used Dapper to create feeds for some sites I’d like to track such as some band sites as well as a automobile section of a classifieds site. I subscribe to these feeds using bloglines. Both have been working for me so far. What site were you trying to use with Dapper?

  3. Hey Paul,
    This is Eran from Dapper. Sorry to hear about your track record with Dapper, hope it will get better with our upcoming new version. I’ll be more than happy to help and discuss. You can drop me a note at eran@dapper.net
    PS here’s a link to a new albeit useful service built using Dapper: http:www.tablestalker.com

  4. Tim Wilkinson says:

    I finally had to give up with Dapper – a great theory but it behaved bizarrely for me – I’d generate a scrapper for a site, it would work all the way until I saved it, then wouldnt work quite the same (if at all) after that – and no way to go back and try to retrain it (editing was possible, but never seemed to help). The final straw was one day discovering all my scrapes had been deleted. I use openkapow now; a much sharper learning curve, but works much better. No Mac version yet though.

  5. Hi,
    I’ve had success and fristration with Dapper.
    It does work fine, for a while, but feeds tend to die. I put together this http://www.yourminis.com/pages/yourminis/jinky32/openlearn page on yourminis of feeds from our open educational resources. As you can see, half are fine, half have become mutated, and half are dead. I just need to go and do a bit of housekeeping to them and they’ll be back up and at em!