Compete Goes Live with Time/Attention Data

Compete continues to innovate speedily in the online media measurement market. In a release today the company helps crack the traffic code in combining page view models and attention-based models to come up with a synthesis of the two for traffic measurement.

While this will obviously see continuing tweaks and improvements, it’s still good to see Compete breaking from the page-view pack. On a more mundane front, this is timely given the Statsaholic (nee Alexaholic) troubles, and the many legit worries about Alexa data itself.


  1. abc – anything but commscore

  2. Mountaineer says:

    There is definitely a need for a new standard metric and I like Compete’s move away from visitors and page views. A good service continues to try to improve.

  3. Stat Head says:

    Paul, Check It’s Statsaholic on steroids.