Anyone Going to Milken Global Conf?

Anyone going to Milken Global conference in LA week after next? Went to one of these years ago, but wasn’t planning to attend this time around. Feel free to talk me out of it.


  1. Might be worth going just to see Laura Miller, the Mayor of Dallas (“Madame No” as she is affectionately referred to in sports circles due to her VENOMOUS opposition to anything development-related in regards to the Dallas sports facilities scene), take on the forces behind the proposed TXU buyout. I would think that would make for good theater! Much of the climate/energy track looks interesting as well (to echo my own comments on this blog in the past, if Khosla’s jumping in with both feet as he clearly is, it might be worth further exploration…). As for me, I’ll be slaving away at the desk in Dallas, so you’ll have to post here on the proceedings if you do attend.