Vandalizing a VC’s Car for Funds

I don’t think this screenwriter-turned-entrepreneur is serious — he is riffing on some recent silliness in L.A. — but his closing comment on VC fund-raising is still a little strange:

As I write this, I’m sitting in a Starbucks on Sand Hill Road in Menlo
Park. I’ve got a new Web venture — it’s sort of a video Craigslist —
and I’m looking for investors. There are a lot of venture capital firms
up here, and most of them are on Sand Hill Road, so my plan is to
vandalize every expensive car I see until someone offers me great terms
on a first round of financing.

As an aside, with screenwriters back to to being web entrepreneurs, how long can it be until we start seeing the inevitable Hollywood convergence stories again?

[via L.A. Times]


  1. Please do let me know when will it happens. I will be sure to grab my video camera and film these to make a DVD. It would be an instant hit and no need for any VCs or a biz plan.