This Twitter Thing Could be Big

You know, I keep hearing about this “Twitter” thing. I saw it on Fox News just now — picture below from the hotel lobby — maybe it will be big. Does anyone know if you can buy shares?


Photo credit: David “He was sitting beside me with a better camera” Ascher.


  1. I am knowing this twitter as well. It is making me very happy that people know when I am pooping only.

  2. Curtis Abbott says:

    It made the front page of the Financial Times this morning!

  3. I will be very surprised if this Fox News mention is not Twitter’s high water mark. Even if it is also mentioned by the other cable news time wasters…

  4. Photo credit: David Ascher. Unless this is the one from your crappy phone cam, Paul…

  5. (c) David Ascher.
    My phone cam made it look like we were looking at jello through a liquid lens.

  6. Paul, this “twittering” is going nuts. I was in a tech meeting on the west coast of Ireland and two of the people there were “twittering”. There are now second, and third order mash-ups of twitter, so you can “twitter where you are” , “search twitter streams” etc. i.e. this thing now has its own eco-system. Buy shares. Buy them now, fly down there, and buy shares….oh yeah, but nobody knows what their revenue model is yet!