The Quotable Richard Branson

Some funny/pithy quotes from Virgin founder Richard Branson at TED last weekend. For example, despite running a $25-billion company, the dyslexic and accounting-challenged Branson struggles with the whole gross/net thing:

“I’m dyslexic and would have failed an IQ test. In business, I don’t know the difference between net and gross. It makes the board meetings interesting.”
Q: The $25B is gross, right?
A: Well, I hope it’s net.

And on Virgin Brides:

Q: Virgin Brides. What went wrong?
A: We could not find any customers.

[via SteveJ]


  1. My favorite RB line is his advice on becoming a millionaire: start with a billion, then start an airline.

  2. And on competing with Amazon:
    “Like getting into a bleeding competition with a blood bank.”
    And he also famously said:
    “I never get the accountants in before I start up a business.”
    Good job then that he has never had to raise VC funding from a British outfit, most of them being accountants..