Sneak Peek at Weekend Reading

Here is a sneak peek at some of the links from my weekly Weekend Reading column over at TheStreet/Realmoney:

  • Blackstone public offering filing may come within two weeks (NY Post)
  • New York is in a mini real estate boom — and no-one knows why (NY Observer)
  • Trip to Cannes conference shows how commercial real estate is heating up (Telegraph)
  • Being on the Forbes 400 wealth list is inversely correlated with quality of life (NY Times)
  • January to mid-March gas price increase is largest in recent years (TWIP)
  • Research: Adaptive traders and the design of financial markets (JoF)
  • Are Moody’s bond-rates stupid or greedy? (Bloombeg/Gilbert)
  • Southwest Airlines has a chief apology officer (NY Times)
  • Buy commodity companies, not commodities (NY Times)
  • Research: Growth rate of GDI does better job of predicting recessions than does GDP (FRB)


  1. Regarding the NY Observer’s piece on the “mysterious” NY housing boom: I would think that the “mini-boom” they are currently experiencing was the result of flush times in one of the world’s leading financial centers.
    New York is a town that is almost defined by its capital markets businesses, and with workers in the financial industry pulling down big bonuses and compensation packages, you know there is going to be some serious spending.
    Rents are reported to as very high in all the major financial centers (London, Hong Kong, New York). Prices for upper-bracket homes, offices and penthouse apartments are through the roof in the most desirable areas of London and NYC.
    I think this is a direct effect of hedge funds, investment firms and their employees/partners competing for space and driving up prices.
    They did examine the “bonus effect” in the article, but decided that the upsurge came before bonuses were paid out. However, that doesn’t mean that people would not go house hunting or try to buy a new place in anticipation of their big bonus checks.
    All you have to do is flip through the pages of a Trader Monthly to see the ads targetting this demographic.