Sneak Peek at Weekend Reading

Here is a sneak peek at some links from my weekly Weekend Reading column at TheStreet/RealMoney:

  • Don’t trust the tired explanations for last week’s market metldown (Bloomberg/Baum)
  • Troubles in sub-prime mortgages are set to ripple through collateralized debt obligations (IDD)
  • Prices soared as ARM use in California went from 20% to 80% — so which caused which? (SSRN)
  • Lending standards are suddenly tightening dramatically, with potential widespread consequences (Reuters)
  • The cheap airline revolution is tranforming Europe (Bloomberg Magazine)
  • JetBlue’s critics should fly Chinese airlines for a while (LA Times)
  • Microsoft is being pummelled in online search-marketing business — and it’s getting worse (InfoWorld)
  • Nortel restates earnings again — fourth time in four years (NY Times)
  • Chinese markets function more like casinos than economic indicators (Globe & Mail)
  • Chinese investors think state will bail them out if stocks go awry (WashPost)
  • Book of interviews with hedge fund managers gets positive press (NY Times / Amazon)


  1. Paul,
    Just a quick heads up. I think the link address to the Reuters subprime lending story is missing the “h” at the beginning of “http”.

  2. One Way Stox says:

    best piece in your Weekend Reading over on was the piece from Bloomberg,
    re: Goldman’s bonds trading at junk prices despite their high ratings. Everyone should read that one.
    p.s. I picked up a book you recommended: FOUNDERS AT WORK. Good stuff. Thx.