RadioShack Sanitizes Conference Call Transcript

I have such a weakness for stories about public company conference calls than run amok. The latest example: Someone at RadioShack apparently dropped an f-bomb in the later stages of the company’s February 27th earnings conference call. Interestingly, however, there is no sign of the noteworthy event in any of the official transcripts.

Some accounts have it as a “F– you, Chuck,” while still others told The Post that it was more like, “Come on, give me a f–ing break Gary.”

Regardless, all agree that it took place during questioning by Credit Suisse’s Gary Balter. (No “Chuck” was identified.)

We here at Infectious Greed are still investigating, because, frivolous folks that we are, this is the kind of fucking story we can really get behind. Somewhat more seriously, this does raise the question of how much sanitizing goes on  of company call transcripts, and who gets to decide. I’m of the view that there should be none done, regardless of what gets said/transcribed.

[via NY Post]


  1. Since they can’t seem to get their act together, no doubt RadioShack is feeling the heat from the analysts.
    And since it appears senior management can’t keep their cool, maybe this is why they had originally ceased doing earnings calls after the reorg last year.

  2. he said ” Shut The Fuck UP Gary ” I have it on tape