Positive Yahoo Panama Effect Showing Up More Places

I wrote earlier this week about one ad agency seeing a positive monetization impact already from Yahoo’s new Panama ad-server system. Well, the folks at Rimm-Kauffman are reporting a similar upswing among their clients:


  1. I’m still seeing increasingly spectacular AdSense results.
    But I forgot to mention in my comment on the earlier post that I had enabled over a hundred of AdSense’s new custom channel definitions during January which might account for some of these better results over January. G is not standing still either.
    Yahoo may well be getting new clients based on goodwill for their new product, grand openings always draw a crowd. It’s much too early to calculate the ROI for the new YSM campaigns but if early results are really better than Google’s we should see massive defections to YSM.
    I had to dust off my crystal ball for this:
    Their 1Q earnings will be lackluster but they’ll have an understandably good explanation and will defer as much earnings as they can to 2Q. The current stock “correction” will have troughed long before summer so they’ll be reporting 2Q into a roaring bull market… Or not.

  2. IWonder says:

    Andi you make comments as if someone really cares about you affect….

  3. IWonder it doesn’t surprise me that those long on Yahoo would like to ignore what I say, but thanks for the hate mail. You should proof your comments before you hit “post” you’re probably more literate than your grammar suggests.

  4. Andi, in the future when you make an attempt to correct someone else, the sentences doing so, should at least be punctuated appropriately.
    “Hate” mail? Don’t flatter yourself.

  5. The thing speaks for itself. I will under no circumstance be provoked into another response.