One of Our Flight Attendants is Missing!

I have a new favorite phrase: “One of our flight attendants is missing!”. It just came over the P.A. from an adjacent flight boarding here in Toronto. It put me immediately in mind of “One of our porters is missing!” , my prior favorite from jungle flicks.

Speaking of Toronto, I snapped a shot of the in-car exterior temperature gauge on the way to the airport to catch a flight back to balmy San Diego:

cold in toronto


  1. Paul, last time I had the “missing flight attendant experience” my YVR-SFO Alaska Airlines flight was delayed by 3 1/4 hours!! This delay was, of course, due to the time it took to drive a proxy attendant from Seattle to YVR! The only saving grace was when we taxied off the SFO runway and the chief attendant asked us, the delayed passengers, to thank the replacement flight attendant for driving up on such short notice!

  2. Thank God it was not a mid-air announcement :-)

  3. Of course, once that temp goes back up, the CN Tower will shed the remaining tons of ice stuck on its side:
    At least you were leaving Toronto 😉

  4. Take us with you!

  5. Steve Duncan says:

    Hey Kedrosky, when did you become such a Nancy-boy? When we were roomates in university we used to walk to school in far colder temps!
    Or is my memory fading as I become a grumpy old man?

  6. Hey Steve — Sadly, I have become climatically challenged since relocating to southern California many moons ago. The proof: I literally caught myself complaining to a neighbor here recently when we had two days in a row of around 15 C temps. Unbelievable.

  7. Paul, you forgot to qualify the temp reference by including the wind chill. For Toronto, that’s MATERIAL information. And 15 C is really balmy when compared to wind chills that are around -25 C to -30 C … in March!