Nintendo as the New Atari

Roger uses gaming company ads, now and then, to make some great points about how Nintendo, with its Wii and DS, is the new Atari — in a good way:

Nintendo has captured the imagination of families and casual gamers in a way not seen since Atari stormed onto the family entertainment scene back in the 1970s. Atari was and Nintendo (both the Wii and the DS) is all about community, ease of play and, most importantly, fun. … The cultural disparity between Nintendo and Sony is de-nuded in [company] commercials, where the Wii ad is whimsical and fun, with lots of different types people involved – different ages, different ethnicities, different styles. It is the gaming console for everyone. The PS3 ad, conversely, doesn’t have a human being anywhere.

[via Roger]


  1. While I too would like to see games focus more on being fun and I think it’s great that nintendo has made a stab at it, I don’t see anyone making any headway against sony. The truth is that video games have a certain primary audience- boys and young men who love great graphics that immerse them in an environment- and sony delivers that better than anyone else. Sony will remain on top for this new generation of consoles.