Map of Google Subsidiaries Worldwide, with Some Surprises

Here (using Dabble DB and a new SEC filing) is a click-able map view of all Google-owned companies and subsidiaries worldwide. It contains some surprises, in particular in the U.S., at least to me:

[via Resource Shelf]

obDisclaimer: I’m on the Dabble DB board, and therefore horribly conflicted, making things up, etc.


  1. Hey Did you know that the guys in work with dabble? when you go to set up, there’s dabble right in front of you!

  2. Heh heh. Who knew Delaware was such a center of innovation.

  3. I wonder, why they are in Delaware, not in Nevada?

  4. Anonymous Coward says:

    Must be that Joe Biden. Googlians appreciate fine leadership.

  5. Frank Adrian says:

    The reason why there are so many subsidiaries in CT is that most companies in the US (once past “local-only” size) choose to register as a CT corporation. Why? They have the best laws for a corporation WRT arbitration vs. litigation, limitations on shareholder rights, on what the company can do, and many other items. Plus, their registration fees are (relatively) inexpensive.

  6. ‘Australia’ should be Australasia.