Making Apple TV Work

As fast as Apple’s new TV product has hit the stores, the kidz have figured out how to make it support more video standards than Apple deigned to provide. There goes the iTunes-only upgrade model.


  1. Mark Kraft says:

    The real smart kids are spending the same amount of money on a used Mac Mini, and hooking that up to their TV instead. They support all media formats, allow local downloads, rather than streaming on the home network, allow web browsing, apps, wireless keyboard, etc.
    It’s a lot easier to do, too.

  2. The REAL smart kids are spending even less money an Xbox Media Center, which does all that crap but has a better form factor, 5.1 sound, and has an awesome, tivo-level interface.

  3. The really clever kids buy a $40 DVD player that plays bootleg DVD’s that are recorded by the smart kids.

  4. The really smart kids read books and get off the couch and go outside to play.