Khosla’s Clean Tech Companies

A good list of Vinod Khosla’s clean-tech companies:

1) CellulosicMascoma, Celunol, Range Fuels, 1 stealth startup

2) Future FuelsLS9, Gevo, Amyris Biotechnologies, Coskata Energy

3) EfficiencyTransonic Combustion, GroupIV Semiconductor, 1 stealth startup

4) Homes – Living Homes, Global Homes

5) Natural GasGreat Point Energy

6) SolarStion, Ausra

7) ToolsNanostellar, Codon Devices, Praj

8) Water – 2 stealth startup

9) PlasticSegetis, 1 stealth startup

10) Corn/Sugar FuelsAltra, Cilion, Hawaii Bio

[via TheDeal]

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