iPhone Factoids: One Million … Indications of Interest

Two interesting iPhone factoids:

  • At a keynote CTIA speech today AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, whose Cingular is iPhone’s exclusive carrier, held one of the devices for the first time
  • Stephenson said in his speech that one million people have registered with Cingular to be notified when the phone is available

[via MocoNews]


  1. Alexander Marktl says:

    wow. They’re gonna rock…

  2. I am one of them but that does not mean I am buying one. I might if they don’t force me to buy a new plan. Cingular may be the first to offer this phone but their marketing is still based on Henry Ford’s marketing principles: “You can only buy an iphone if you sign a new plan.” Even though I have been a ATT Wireless/Cingular/ATT customer for 9-10 years, I won’t sign a new contract.
    My respect for Apple, a company I greatly admire, will diminish substantially if they don’t start selling them directly to consumers.

  3. Is 1 million good? What’s a good number? Would people have been underwhelmed by 500,000 signups? No one has provided any context around this number. It’s like everyone is Dr. Evil and have no idea if the number might be ludicrous. It seems low to me. I would have thought the (i’m guessing) 5 million apple diehards would have at least signed up.