Impressive New Yahoo Panama Data

There is some impressive new comparative data out on the impact Yahoo’s Panama ad system is having on one agency’s clients:

  • Search Impressions – Up an average of 5%
  • Cost Per Click – Down an average of 6%
  • Click Rate – Up an average of 10%
  • Conversion Rates – Down an average of 5%
  • Overall CPA – Up an average of 6%

[Razorfish via Search Engine Land]


  1. if cost per account is up and conversions down then the rest is irrelevant. Is it possible that the delay with Panama caused a permanent degradation of Yahoo’s search audience?

  2. What’s impressive about this data? I think the original article sums up best: “The jury is still out on Yahoo’s Panama”.
    The recent comScore data was similarly inconclusive, since it didn’t account for seasonal factors in week over week comparisons.
    However, many pundits seems to be ever-ready to pronounce Panama a big success…
    I’m spending significant dollars on Yahoo and can’t really say yet if Panama’s had a significant effect.

  3. If Panama were effective at all I certainly should be seeing a decrease in my AdSense revenue. With my ad impressions well into five figures per day I have a significant sample to work with yet my per day revenues for the month of February are as good as January and better than all previous months. Traffic is consistent which means the quality of the ads and relevance have not changed.
    If Panama is working it’s not in retail women’s apparel. I’d notice.

  4. More importantly, advertisers are reportedly much more satisfied and planning to spend more with Yahoo in 2007. Panama is a platform that can be iterated upon – with a UI that is night and day better. This is just the start and Yahoo is no longer hamstrung by the antiquated Overture platform.