I Love New York — Not

Oh, I’m glad I’m not in New York today. Here is a live shot of the freeway approach to JFK airport:

snow at jfk airport


  1. FUNNOMINAL says:

    big deal~ fuggedaboutit
    It’s always like this goin to JFK. If NY ain’t crowded what is?

  2. NY’s delays have caused cancellations all over the country. I live in Portland and they canceled flights here that aren’t even going to the northeast because there just aren’t enough planes.
    Crazy. I’m glad I’ll be staying in town this weekend.

  3. Why would you ever not take the E and the airtrain to JFK?

  4. Jim Freehold says:

    Right, as if every freeway on the west coast doesn’t look like that all day in NICE weather.