How to Invest in China

Apparently investing in Chinese stocks is a little different from what many might expect:

“It’s driven by speculation about the government’s intentions. If you
want to invest in Chinese stocks, don’t waste time figuring out what
companies will be profitable or what sectors of the economy will grow.
Just figure out what the government wants and what the government will

[via Globe & Mail]


  1. That formula applies to doing anything in China, not just investing.

  2. i bet the chinese gov’s doing a bit of equity buying here to keep a lid on this booch…

  3. The corn future just shoot up because the lousy weather in China….
    China will always be the importer for commodity..especially for the food commodity

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  5. It turns out there are multiple ways you can invest in Chinese stocks. Some are very risky that can go up and down on government’s whip. Some are as risky as any US stocks. You would be better off to stick with the so-called new economy stocks that are traded as ADR on NYSE or Nasdaq. Government policy in general encourages these new companies.