Dinging the Web 2.0 Bell

I realized tonight I haven’t written anything about Web 2.0 here in ages. It took reading a Peter Rip piece just now saying that we’re past the 2.0 peak to make me think of it.

Not only had I not mentioned W2.0  in while, but I hadn’t noticed its absence. It’s partly that the fresh fun of discovery is long over, and partly that I’ve assimilated the useful aspects into my day-to-day life. It is also, to be honest, to the point that I find the descriptor largely embarrassing, and that I increasingly find myself, like I did today, irritated from being stuck beside strangers in restaurants talking cheerlessly about “the MySpace of ….”.

It’s long past time to move on folks. While the media, advertising, and technology transformations continue apace, let’s just call them what they are and leave the marketing mumbo-jumbo to others.


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