Catching Up: Google Afterhours, Money and Sex, & CIA FOIA

Catching up and emptying my cluttered inbox and feed reader:

  • Google had added very nice afterhours trading charts to GFinance. Now, if only it would get some decent analyst/earnings/comparative/historical data (Google Finance)
  • Felix Dennis on how rich people took more risk to get there, don’t jog and get more sex (Times)
  • BMW’s fourth-quarter sales were spiked by the excellent 3-series upgrade. One fund manager calls the company’s stock “laughable undervalued” (Bloomberg)
  • The CIA’s top 25 search words for February and January are headed by “ufo” (CIA)
  • Some think Alan Greenspan should shut up. I disagree (Bloomberg)
  • Some think John Bogle should shut up. I disagree more (Bloomberg)


  1. I sent an e:mail to Bloomberg(2 weeks ago) re headlines/messages: give us important info and let us know what Bernanke says . . not 12 governors, former governors, former CB all over the world, former CEOs of big/little banks etc etc. Who cares what they think now ? Not me !
    Stay focusssed !
    AG had his day . . time for him to shut?? and gracefully fade away !