BestBuy Plays “Bait and Switch Websites”

BestBuy has allegedly been playing a web-age trick whereby it shows customers inside the story an internal BestBuy website that has different — and higher — prices than the external BestBuy site that brought people into the store.

Based on what his office has learned, Blumenthal said, it appears the consumer has the burden of informing Best Buy sales people of the cheaper price listed on its Internet site, which he said “is troubling.”

What is more troubling to me, and to some Best Buy customers, is that even when one informs a salesperson of the Internet price, customers have been shown the intranet site, which looks identical to the Internet site, but does not always show the lowest price.

[via Hartford Courant]


  1. As someone who was on the launch team of in early 2000, I can certainly say this was never our intent! The company obviously has a technical glitch to fix, not to speak of a big PR problem to manage now as well. Who wants to go into a store and have to hassle about a price you’d previously been given?