Ballmer Call Google Insane; Schmidt Points to Share Price

In a speech to Stanford students yesterday Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer called Google insane. Okay, not everything about the search company, just its supposed desire to double headcount in a year.

Fair enough, I suppose. Rampant hiring has nasty effects on corporate culture, productivity, etc., and I accept that entirely. Then again, coming from the original monkey boy, that’s a fairly ironic critique.

Somewhat more seriously, however, Google CEO Eric Schmidt has an easy counter. If you compare the five-year performance of the two companies’ respective shares, Microsoft shareholders could do with a little of that Google insanity — but no monkey boy please.


  1. In the recent NYTimes article about Google’s bus system, they mentioned that the share price was actually a problem when hiring. Stock options aren’t much of an incentive if the stock isn’t moving.