Anhedonia and the Internet

A new study says that 29% of all Americans (down from 34% last year) have no Internet access and no intent to subscribe. The number one claimed reason? There’s not much interesting on the Net.

I’m no techno-utopian, and I’ll concede that different people find pleasure in very different things, but anyone who says there is nothing interesting online either has neither been online, or has a clinically disturbing combination of incuriosity and anhedonia.


  1. You forced me to look it up:
    an·he·do·ni·a (ăn’hÄ“-dō’nÄ“-É™)
    The absence of pleasure or the ability to experience it.
    [New Latin anhēdonia : Greek an-, without; + Greek hēdonē, pleasure.]

  2. A few months ago we held a conference call with 4 principals of a prospective public company client. The main principal was located in “Backwoodsville” and started off the call by saying “I don’t believe in the internet, who the hell uses the internet anyway?”
    I politely told him he had no business running a public company (small-cap) and ended the call within 30 seconds.
    I’d be curious if most people with anhedonia (thanks C Max for looking it up) live in extremely rural areas.