Word du Jour: Schadentraffic


defn: the vicarious thrill you get while in your office surfing various traffic webcams around the country and taking pleasure at all the poor bastards still sitting in their cars


  1. Alexander says:

    Hey, that’s the exact feeling I get every day when I’m on my commute over Highway 17 going the opposite way of the bulk of the traffic. Thanks for the new bit of jargon.

  2. Check out http://wordie.org to keep track of lists of words. It’s “Like Flickr, but without the photos.”

  3. Funny, as soon as I heard the word, I instinctively thought of a different definition:
    DEF: The Blog traffic generated by readers wanting to see some personal or professional disaster. See the now defunct “Iamfacingforeclosure.com” or some other horrifically embarrassing web page.
    See also: Schadenvideotraffic: a similarly embarrassing event posted on YouTube.