Whoa, Sorry About the Market Decline

Whoa, sorry about the market decline. If I had known that spending the day in meetings and on airplanes and generally incommunicado would make the markets tumble like this, I would have stayed on blog sentry and posted reassuring thoughts. Too late now, apparently.

Somewhat more seriously, it is interesting that I had no idea markets were off this much until I stepped off a plane tonight. Funny how some days you’re so connected, and others day it’s like you’re on another information planet. I feel a little like I’m reading about a car accident from a few days ago.


  1. Paul,
    You were better off being in meetings and on airplanes. It’s always embarrasing to watch crowd behavior at its worst, hysterical, irrational and overreactive. The exact recipe that allows level headed traders to profit massively from mass stupidity. I imagine there will be some unreal buying opportunities in a few days.