South Korean Spammers Send 1.6-Billion Emails

Check this:

Two South Korean computer programmers have been arrested on suspicion of sending out 1.6 billion spam e-mail messages in violation of the country’s commerce laws, Reuters reports.

The two men, one aged 20 and the other 26, are suspected of sending out the unsolicited e-mail messages between September and December last year in what police describe as one of the biggest spam blasts in the country’s history.

The two are suspected of obtaining personal and financial data from 12,000 South Koreans who responded to their spam messages. The pair then sold information on those people to lending services firms in return for 100 million won ($106,400), police said.

Okay, I’m hardly sure where to start, but let’s go here: 1.6 billion spam messages in four months? Oh. My. God. That’s a staggering 33-million a day during the period, or about 386 a second.

Where the hell was the duo’s ISP all that time? Golfing? At lunch? Other?

[via Financial Mirror]


  1. The majority of spam is now sent via spam bots, aka drone PCs. To send that many emails per second is no big deal and costs nothing if you control a bot network of 500+ machines.