Pricing For Additional Gmail Storage?

Rumors are flying that we will soon see price lists for additional Gmail storage. If true, color me gleeful:

Now that Google’s Gmail is open for everyone worldwide, free of charge, Google’s Sergey Brin has been rumored to have said that they will start selling upgraded packages for additional data storage capacities. They have found out that there are many users that have extraordinary storage needs for online email, and will be sorting out different packages that will be introduced later this year. The charges could be inline with Google’s Picasa online photo storage service that comes with 250MB of free storage but charges yearly fees of US$25 for 6.25GB up to $500 for 250GB of storage.

[via Download Squad]


  1. Richard Hertz says:

    That will just drive users to other sites. Keep it free.
    For full disclosure purposes, i am no where near capacity.

  2. I’m hearing that the current 2.8 GB will always be free, but any incremental amount, as above, will be on the pay scheme. That won’t drive anyone anyway — more likely, it will starve for oxygen the rest of the webmail sorts.

  3. Why would someone pay $500/yr for 250GB of storage at Google, when they can buy an external hard drive for one-quarter of that?
    Love your stuff, Paul.

  4. Hey David — Apples and oranges, because you might as well ask the same thing about Picasa.
    Bottom line: People wanted hosted access to mail, and Gmail is a great app (both features and storage) that has changed the way many of us use such services. I delete virtually nothing, and have all my email available to me in the cloud. That is not possible (easily) with a local drive and some client mail software.

  5. I get it, thanks. Guess my needs are simple compared to yours.