Poll: General Chrysler?

I have to confess that I think there’s pretty much zero chance that current rumors of GM buying Chrysler are correct. While I understand the superficial attraction — getting a broken asset for a low price while shrinking supply to an over-crowded market –there is so much product overlap, so many extra people (like 100,000), redundant facilities, a wayward financing arm, etc., that is just not going to happen in the real world.
Nevertheless, a poll on the subject for you all. Will we see GM buy Chrysler any time soon?

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  1. I like the poll. Choice 3 is out there, but it does get one thinking. And what do we mean by “buy”? If Daimler could merely get someone to “assume ownership” of Chrysler, along with it’s several billion $ of liabilities, that would be a MAJOR victory for them. Reminds me of a business I used to own – my focus quickly shifted from “how much can I get for the ‘assets'” to “will somebody please just come get this stuff and take it away?”.

  2. If I were Gm or Toyota, I’d buy the company and immediately shut it down to lessen the competition. See Oracle and Peoplesoft.

  3. As you point out “there is so much product overlap, so many extra people (like 100,000), redundant facilities”, that’s exactly the appeal. This would be a way for GM to both save face (delay the inevitable slippage behind Toyota as #1 carmaker) and still make the layoffs and other tough choices they need to make. This would be an old-fashioned merger where redundancies would be eliminated and product lines would be merged.
    I don’t know if it’s really a sensible thing to do or if GM would do it, but it’s way more credible than Wal-Mart buying Amazon 😛

  4. Legacy pension and health care costs make all US automakers uncompetitive and may ironically kill them and their little dogs too. Their assets and nameplates may become valuable again post-mortem.