Murdoch: CNBC Not Business Friendly

This will come as a surprise to many of its critics, but Rupert Murdoch says that cable business network CNBC isn’t friendly enough to business. His soon-to-be-launched business network will, the suggestion seems to be, redress that failing.

obDisclosure: I’m a regular CNBC contributor, so I’m horribly conflicted, hyping something or another, etc.

[Multichannel News via TV Newser]


  1. paul, when did you go from being a guest to a contributor?
    BTW for your audience, usually a guest is unpaid while a contributor is paid.

  2. So if CNBC isn’t friendly enough, Murdoch’s network anchors will do MORE than accept private plane rides from executives at public companies?

  3. My cable system does provide a few early morning hours of Bloomberg as a part of their standard package, but as an avid channel surfer and remote clicker I’ve always wondered why the most affluent demographic had only one channel.
    It’s only a tiny slice of the pie but it is by far the richest, CNBC needs some competition–it’s the American way.

  4. Fox’s “Cost of Freedom” segments are usually pretty bad, eg “What is the effect of Iran/Iraq/Anna Nicole Smith on the stock market.” And I don’t know that cheerleading Nardelli is really populism. But CNBC is too Wall Street centric. There are no traders on CNBC, just Wall Street types. CNBC is watched by daytraders, but no daytraders or traders ever show up on the channel, just boring fund managers recommending Pfizer for the gazillionth time.