More Gmail Storage in Paid Google Apps?

If it’s true that Google is about to being charging for Google Apps for your domain, does that mean we will finally be able to get more storage? Inquiring minds — and holders of 75% full Gmail boxes — want to know.

[via BusinessWeek]

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  1. franklin stubbs says:

    I wonder what happens when you hit 100%.
    Surely they don’t just say “sorry, no more mail for you?”
    Anyone already know? It would be interesting if they rolled out payment options by presenting them to people as they hit a threshold (like, say, 90%).
    Or maybe they accelerate your expansion rate when you cross a certain line.
    Anyhow, I doubt you’ll just hit a wall and be cut off…

  2. Andi says:

    >>> I wonder what happens when you hit 100%.
    Oldest items stored disappear as new items are added and storage is capped.