Updated: Me Media — Tomorrow’s WSJ

A quick heads up: I’m in tomorrow’s Wall Street Journal talking search, Vista, and the future of MSFT.

[Update] The column is here.


  1. I’ll keep an eye out for you, Paul.
    btw, one zany idea i’ve had for a while is that MSFT would be a great LBO candidate. Huge operating cash flows, (arguably) underappreciated by the market, lots of extraneous/noncore businesses to be divested. of course, at $284b market cap plus whatever premium (15%?) the market would demand, the deal would have to have ALL of the big PE players involved to come up with the $100b of equity they’d need… but it’s getting more and more plausible by the day.

  2. Is this the Feiler Faster Thesis in action or what?
    Man, I know the market is a discounter of known information, but when you are pre-announcing your appearance in the WSJ, the info cycle is getting too damn quick. :)