JBLU Stock Watch

While this could rapidly get overdone and turn JetBlue stock into a buy, the airline’s share price has unsurprisingly fallen out of a tree at the opening today, off a little less than 7% — or about $150m in market cap:

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  2. So I should abandon my plans to rename the blog to Infectious JetBlue?

  3. worth says:

    Well Paul, you do seem a bit…infatuated, shall we say. Is there something you’re not telling us?

  4. It’s gotta be fear. I fly so much that the thought of being stuck in a plane on a runway is the subject of nightmares for me. Apparently I self-medicate by blogging about JetBlue.

  5. Try flying coach in a fully loaded 747 from ORD to Hong Kong, with a refuel stopover in Alaska and de-icing delays. 23 Hours in the plane. Conditions were third world.

  6. Heywood says:

    I sure hope JBLU investors had their safety belts on for that dip at the open.