Hirotugu Akaike & the Akaike Information Criterion

Geek-out interesting lecture coming up in La Jolla on March 15 at UC San Diego campus:

…the “Basic Sciences” lecture will be presented March 15 by Dr. Hirotugu Akaike, a statistician from the Institute for Statistical Mathematics in Tokyo.  In the early 1970’s, Dr. Akaike developed a powerful modeling tool now known as the “Akaike Information Criterion” (AIC) that allows relationships to be identified within vast volumes of numeric data.  Since he first scribbled the AIC onto a party invitation while riding the subway, it has been adopted in virtually every field of engineering, with applications in wireless communications, digital imaging, gene analysis, economics, weather forecasting, and manufacturing.

Dr. Akaike’s March 15 presentation will include visible examples of how
his criterion improves digital photographs in such fields as medicine,
astronomy and homeland security.

The presentation will be a 4:00-5:30 at Calit2’s Atkinson Hall, as well as almost certainly simulcast via the Calit2 website. As a related aside, the technically inclined can find more here.