Google Giveth Gmail Gigabytes via Gapps

While there is plenty in tonight’s Google Apps announcement to give Microsoft fits — what sane small- or medium-sized business would still install Office/Exchange? — for now I’m just looking at price and Gmail storage.

The new pricing? $50 for 10gb a year. That’s not bad, but does this mean Google will never offer a paid storage increment for Gmail non-app users? I hope not.


  1. Paul,
    We are a small business trying to decide to buy a new server. What keeps me from Google Apps is our Treos and the syncing process. I’m not convinced Google’s mobile interface is user-friendly enough for the average non-techie.
    Do you have thoughts on this?

  2. given the we use office for about 5 years before replacing and this is $50 per year per user and it offers far less features than Office, I’m not sure I see why this is an obvious switch for our small business? Can their spreadsheets take macros or data feeds? I need something on my desktop for presentations. does this inclue a powerpoint replacement?
    And what happens when your internet goes down or you are offline in an airplane. do these things work then?

  3. Richard — I’m neither a credible software reviewer nor representative of the user masses, but I don’t think that is an obstacle at all. I live in Gmail on my Treo, albeit mostly using the mobile browser interface, not the Java app, and I have no issues whatsoever with sync, etc. It’s all on the server.

  4. And wrt to the disconnected question, my understanding is that Google is set to launch some disconnected services for docs. Nevertheless, assuming you use a POP-mail interface to Gmail you can also edit mail offline.
    Further, while there is no preso app in the current suite, there is apparently one imminent. It has been tipped many times.
    And finally, there is no real support for Excel macros etc. Google S/sheets will never be confused with a spreadsheet killer. Either you find the lower overall price, reduced support headache, and easy sharing sufficient offset for reduced features, or it’s Office where you’ll have to stay, at least for now.