Microsoft Post-Vista Stock Performance? Poor

For those of you interested in all things Microsoft, I note that as of today Microsoft stock has been down seven trading days in a row, dating right back to the consumer Vista launch. By way of comparison, that is the worst one-week post-launch performance for Microsoft stock across its three most important recent Windows releases: Vista, Win XP, and Win 95.

comparing microsoft os product launches

[Update] A few people have asked, so here is the pre-launch MSFT stock performance data across the above three products for 90 days preceding.



  1. Why not show performance of the stock in the prior three months? msft has been on a tear up to the vista launch. this is only half the story. Besides, the “market” does not know how vista is doing yet. Its too early.
    Vista is not a saviour. Its an OS. The vast majority of revenue from this product will simply come from the royalty on the PC. Having said that I will go on record as saying vista will be very very good for msft shareholders. why? Because of the very large stealthy price increases msft has embedded in the product. For example, there never used to be an Ultimate. Now there is.

  2. Has any new information about Vista come out during this 7-day period? I don’t think Vista has turned out to be worse than expected.

  3. While there has been no formal new information on Vista, there is unquestionably a sense in the investment community that this has been the weakest of the three aforementioned Windows launches.

  4. Paul are those the same guys who ran aapl to $100 because of Iphone?

  5. Paul thanks for updating the data. It looks like vista is shadowing what happened to win95. post win95 released the stock really tanked but snapped back big. msft is due a bounce. I submit that 7 days can be chalked up to profit taking mostly. Now if this continues surely something is wrong in Redmond. I would expect it not to continue, however.

  6. wow, thats really interesting… i’m still not sure you’ll be able to make an accurate prediction based on past experience. you’ll probably be more confident of the decision you already made about the stock.