Edgar B. Davis, Ram Shriram, and the Outlook for Angel Investing

The following are my slides from a presentation today in Portland on the outlook for angel investing. It includes some misuse of a picture of Ram Shriram, plus the story of Edgar B. Davis, and a little trouble-making musing about why VCs are great to have as competitors.


  1. We need to get you to record your audio on some of your presentations where you have the outlandish slides. Some of them are so intriguing it really makes you want to hear the story!

  2. Andrew Lance says:

    Paul, you were in Portland today?? What was the event? I’m sorry I missed it, I’m an avid reader of your blog.

  3. Andrew — Thanks. It an angel event for the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network.

  4. I agree with Chip, audio would help like I was not able to completely understand the presentation, I suppose it was prepared in mind with 10/20/30 rule of the presentation where you want the audience to listen to what you say and not what you have on the prez which means that those who just read the prez can’t get the complete picture

  5. Isn’t there a video from one of your preso’s back in 2005 somewhere. I can’t find it.
    I do think the fonts/color schemes are growing more Peters-ian over time.
    Red letters on Green background, with black exclamation point – as Borat would say: “Nice!”

  6. Paul, when you ever going over to the eastcoast? Too cold for you?:)

  7. Paul,
    What are the sources behind the cost of acquiring customer numbers? I think they’re right, but I’d love to know where the data comes from.
    – Sean