Celebrate Good Boarding … Come On!

I just realized that it’s become more or less universal in the U.S. to play Kool & the Gang’s “Celebration ” during airplane boarding. I hadn’t even noticed its ubiquity until recently, just that there was always annoying music playing during boarding.

So, anyone want to argue that “Celebrate” wasn’t thoroughly market-tested for its boarding-expediting features before it obtained widespread adoption? I can imagine the meetings, with time-and-motion sorts at the airlines trying out different tunes in a quest for an inoffensive, upbeat and bouncy song that would get bums in seats faster, without it being too obvious that was the goal, of course.


  1. They need a little Rondo alla Turca.
    Although Southwest would probably just announce that they’d given out one more boarding pass than there were seats available, that the tickets were non-refundable, and that the whole thing was on a first-come, first-served basis. Doesn’t have to be true to work (the first time).

  2. Unless you are on United economy, in which case the tune is Sam Cooke’s “Chain Gang”…

  3. What airlines are you flying? I clocked about 65k miles last year, and I don’t recall hearing it once . . .