Catching Up: Cramer, Perl via Speech Rec, JetBlue is AWOL, etc.

I feel a little like I’m fighting a firehose lately, but here is another attempt to empty my exploding inbox o’ stuff that people have sent me, as well as a few things I’ve run into myself:

  • A profile of Jim “Mad Money” Cramer argues that Jim is slowing down a little. Evidence comes from friend Kurt Anderson: “You have dinner out with him, and he’s not throwing things.” (USNWR)
  • Some of the jokes from Stephen “Blackstone” Schwarzman’s recent 60th birthday party weren’t bad (DealBook)
  • The inmates are running the asylum at JetBlue, with passengers now flipping out pre-boarding at the least sign of a possible delay. As an investment aside, this story has now crossed over from human interest to investment, with there being a large and growing number of people who will not fly JetBlue, and a long list of others who’ll try to avoid it. (NYT)
  • Fun with Vista speech recognition: Using it to (angrily) write a Perl script (YouTube)
  • Startups target Nielsen (Variety)
  • Call to SF Chron biz editor becomes famous (SF Chronicle)
  • Crawling Ajax sites (via Ajaxian)


  1. Regarding these JetBlue developments and the airline industry in general…
    The service (and price) bar(s) will be raised significantly when Virgin America gets their wings .
    VA will have transcon schedules to and from JFK and will increase the pressure on Jetblue and other low cost carriers.
    The virtual tour of the new VA planes is available at the above URL and is worth checking out for anyone who flies frequently and is frustrated with the status quo.
    The backstory on VA’s struggle to gain DOT approval to fly is probably worthy of its own post.